In tribute to the original CMC and HEACO sites on FB, The Canadian Poultry Connection was created to allow poultry enthusiasts to connect, share stories and ideas, seek help and otherwise discuss, find and sell poultry without threat of the page disappearing or having to pay a fee. The Canadian Poultry connection is and always will be free to use.
We encourage all back yard flocks and breeders alike across Canada to connect here in our safe haven of poultry love.
All that we ask in return is for you to always be respectful, play nice, and follow the rules. (Below).  The Canadian Poultry connection is in no way responsible for any disputes or non-payment of any goods.  If you cannot play nice or are delinquent in paying for auctions and we are notified, you will be removed.  All payments must go direct from buyer to seller as The Canadian Poultry Connection is not involved in these transactions.

**The Auction Rules**

1) Members must be 18 years of age or older.

2) Admin reserves the right to add/refuse/remove members as we see fit.

3) Only auction postings on the auction thread, please. ISO & Sales posts will be deleted. If you want to post something else, such as and ISO, LOOKING FOR, or plain sales post please go to the Discussion Area and start a fresh thread.

4) Please include all required information in your Auction post such as:

-Description of item up for auction (# of item being auctioned, breed, etc.).

-Where the item will be shipping from (include postal code) or if it’s pick up only.

-The day and time your auction ends (you MUST include your time zone).

-The starting bid value, and minimum bid increments (the minimum value you want the next bid to increase by… usually $1 or $2, but it can be more).

-A photo and/or video of the item being auctioned (this includes parent stock, and a picture of the eggs themselves if it’s hatching eggs).

-Any other info you want to include like Lineage, fertility rates, etc are allowed as well (BUT NOT REQUIRED). Remember, the more info you can give bidders the better chance people will want your item.

5) ADMINS WILL REVIEW ALL POSTS. We have the rights to decline posts as we see fit. If we message you in regards to your post, we are just trying to give suggestions on how the wording of the post can be edited to better represent what you are trying to auction.


-There are NO hidden reserves allowed on this site. Your starting bid should be your reserve.

-If a bidder has ANY OTHER QUESTIONS, ANYTHING AT ALL, they are to private message (pm) the seller.

6) Bidders will bid on the auction accordingly. You can tag a friend, place a “.” To follow the post, or comment to say “pm sent” to let the seller know you sent them a message. NO OTHER COMMENTS ARE ALLOWED.

7) Bidders are also allowed to exceed the minimum bid increments (ex. If the minimum bid increments are $2, and the auction is currently at $64, I can make my next bid $69, and that’s fine, as long as it’s above the specified minimum increment of $2).

8) Bids that don’t meet the minimum increment value DO NOT COUNT. (ex. If the auction is at $58, and the min. bid increments are $2, and the next person bids $59, that bid is ignored, and the next person should be $60 to keep the flow going).

9) Auction close time includes that time to the end of the minute. For example, if it ends at noon, bids are good until 12:00:59. Bids placed at 12:01 are not valid. Sellers can confirm this by using a computer and hovering the mouse under the comment where it states when the comment was made “ie just now or 2 mins ago”. That will give you the time stamp to go by.

10) BIDS CAN NOT BE REMOVED after posting them. If you delete your bid and we find out, you will be removed from the group.

11) Admins will have final say on the closing of ALL auctions. If you need help deciding between two bids, please tag a member of the admin team, or better yet, send us a PM. We will try to help you as soon as we can.

12) Sellers – Please edit your auction once it’s closed, to say at the top “AUCTION CLOSED”. Please delete auctions after the item has been paid for and delivered.

13) Admin will not be responsible for sorting out any disputes between buyer/seller, bidders, sellers, or after the fact.

14) Auctions must be paid for by the winning party within 12 hours of the auction closing UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED IN THE AUCTION. If the winner does not get back to the Shipper before that 12 hours, the next highest bidder gets the chance to get the eggs. Shipping dates, if posted in the listing, is not negotiable. Please be prepared to pay promptly and accept the shipping date listed if you are bidding. Failing to do so will result in removal from the group, and the seller can move on to the next highest bidder.

-Sellers should be checking their inbox regularly for any questions potential bidders may have.

-Sellers (AND ONLY SELLERS) can bump their auctions to the top of the page when they see fit.

15) Sellers- if an item is being shipped by Canada Post and the item arrives late, you are required to file for the late shipping refund. As the shipper since you paid for the item to be shipped out from your post office, you are the only one who can file for the late shipping refund. We both know that if the situation was reversed, you would want a refund for late shipping. Failure to do so will result in removal from the group.

16) Admins reserve the right to remove any buyer or seller from the page at any time if conflict, poor buying/selling etiquette, or if breaking the rules is brought to our attention.

17) No one can have any member of the admin team blocked, doing so will result in a permanent ban from the group.


– Removing your bid will result in a permanent removal (ban) from the group. 

– Failure to pay for an auction will result in a 1-month removal from the group, a second offence will lead to a permanent ban. 

– Commenting on auctions is NOT allowed, repeat offenders result in a permanent removal from the group! (IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, JUST PM THE SELLER).


-Derek Blaine Monkman
-Dana Stelmack
-Amanda Lynn ?? <This needs to be confirmed
-Dayna Seely ??  < This needs to be confirmed
-Kayla Omichinski ?? <This needs to be confirmed
-Sylvia Schnieder

I know that was a lot to read but its quite simple really…now go, have fun!